Competition and Player Information

MRF run two competitions each year which coincide with the school terms

•    Summer - During terms 4 & 1 (Oct to Mar)
•    Winter - During terms 2 & 3 (Apr to Sept)

Please check the COMPETITION DIVISIONS page to find the correct division to register your team.

Matches are not usually played during the school holidays. Matches are generally held between the hours of 5pm and 8pm. The Open competition tends to run later.

Each team is to Register 5 players or more to be eligible to enter the competition.  A minimum if four (4) players (including the goal keeper) must be present for a team to be able to play a match.  

An Emergency player must be an existing MRF Registered player that is from the top grade of a lower age group, and can only be used to bring a team up to 5 players. (At no extra cost). Teams found to be in breach of this rule will forfeit that game.

All Team Managers are required to be Registered on our website as a Volunteer, making notes of Login and Password to access team details, ensuring all team members are registered and paid prior to commencing the new season.  

The Junior Primary Division play throughout the season without any finals at the end of the season. 

Points are awarded after each game as per below - this helps form our season ladder.

WIN = 3 points, DRAW = 1 point, LOSS = 0 points, BYE = 0 points

The top four teams on the ladder at the end of the season play in the finals series. The Grand Final night is played on one FRIDAY night as a celebration of the season in which awards are presented. Please note, Junior Primary Division do not play a finals series. They will however, play an additional two home and away rounds.

The following awards are presented on Grand Final Night:

- Best & Fairest 1 x per team. This award is voted for by each team throughout the season.

- Best on Court in the Grand Final x 1 per match. This award is voted for by the referees officiating each Grand Final at the conclusion of the match.

- Championship & Runners-Up medallions will also be awarded for the teams who play in the Grand Final.