Player information (teams, uniform and fees)

How do I find a team or additional players?

MRF runs the overall competition (in the same way that a football league does but on a smaller scale).  We do not arrange individual teams.  The best approach – if you want to play – is to put together a team of 5 - 8 players; choose a team manager and have them register your team.  You and your team mates can then register into the team.

If you are an individual player looking to find a team to join or you already have a team and are looking for one or more additional players; we encourage you to advertise on our Facebook Group: ‘MR Futsal - Community Noticeboard’ at

What are the dress and equipment requirements to play?

The gear required for futsal is pretty simple and inexpensive compared to many other sports.  The dress and protective equipment requirements for all players (regardless of age) is:

  • Team Shirt/Top with sleeves and player number - all members must have the same colour (this cannot be solid navy or black because you could look like a referee). Goal Keepers MUST wear a different colour shirt or bib to clearly identify them as the goal keeper. Goal Keepers can swap at the half-time interval by simply swapping the bib.
  • Pocketless Shorts
  • Shin Guards/Pads (age appropriate size)
  • Long Socks (to cover shin pads)
  • Correct foot attire – non-marking soled sneakers
  • Approved eyewear (Please see full glasses policy here) Official glasses policy
  • Jewellery (including body piercings). No jewellery is to be worn while playing. Please see our Jewellery Policy for further information.

Request made by referees and other officials to rectify any dress or equipment issues must be complied with, otherwise you will not be permitted to play.

What are the playing fees?

As a not for profit volunteer run association we always aim to keep our fees as affordable as practicable.  The full schedule is announced at the commencement of each season; and the amount payable by particular members will depend on their particular membership.  As an indication the current full season fee (including insurance) is $130 for all age groups.

Want to join us?

We welcome new players aged between 6 and 99 (or older!). Join us at the start of either the winter or summer season. If you believe that you are interested but are unsure, you are welcome to come along and watch a game and speak to our venue coordinators any night of competition or drop us an email at for more information.  You’ll love it! J