Competition & Finals Eligibility

This page explains what players need to do before they can play in their own team, a second team, as an emergency fill in and in finals games.  Please ensure you read this carefully and comply with the requirements as failure to do so could lead to the team forfeiting the relevant game.


Player Eligibility

  • A player is only eligible to play in a team once they have registered with MRF online,
    paid the relevant season registration fee
  • Players must register in their own age group

Second Team Fee

  • Only eligible players that have paid their relevant season fees are eligible to play in a second team
  • Emergency fill-ins are liable for the 50% second team fee once they have played 3 or more games in teams other than their registered team
  • The fee is 50% of the Season fee ie: $60 per season

Please note: Second teams must be in a different age group eg: regular team junior primary - second team intermediate primary

Emergency Fill-in policy

  • Only eligible players (already playing in a registered team) that have paid their registration and season fees can play as an emergency player
  • Emergency players are liable for season fees for a second team ($60) once they have played as an emergency for the same team on 3 occasions during a season
  • The player cannot be an emergency in a team in the same age group as they already play (this rule does not apply to the junior primary competition). 
  • Emergency fill ins must come from the age group below and be in the older of the school grades for that comp. For example, an emergency fill in for the senior primary comp must come from the intermediate primary comp but MUST also be a grade 4 school student. In this case, grade 3 students are inelligible to be emergency fill ins as they are two school grades below the senior priomary comp. Please note, in Summer Seasons, the player would need to be a grade 5 student as that is the highrer school grade in Term 1 of the new school year.
  • Players may only be an emergency one age group up from their normal age group, e.g. Junior Primary may only be an emergency in Intermediate Primary – NOT Senior Primary.
  • Emergency players may only fill in to bring a team up to 5 players – this means a team cannot engage an emergency if they already have 5 players, the team plays without any substitutes in this instance.

Finals eligibility

  • Only eligible players that have paid their relevant season fees or casual players who have played at least 5 games in that team can play in the finals
  • Casual players must have played a minimum of 5 games in their registered team and must not have any outstanding unpaid invoices